Additional Services

In addition to our denture services, we are also able to offer the following appliances. All of the following are made specifically for you by taking an impression of your mouth and then making the device. The result is a much better fit and therefore improved function.

Anti-Snoring Devices

Snoring can become a significant problem for some people. Not only can it interfere with personal relationships but can be a sign of a medical condition called Sleep Apnoea.

Our Anti-Snoring devices are placed in the mouth at night to hold the lower jaw in the correct position to keep the airway open. This improves airflow and helps to reduce the noise.


Our treatment involves making a special tray for you to wear at night which contains the whitening paste. Over a period of time your teeth should be improved by up to 2 shades lighter.

Gum ShieldsGum_Shields

These provide a much more effective and comfortable fit for those requiring protection from mouth injuries whilst playing sports. They are available in a range of colours.

Mouth Guards

Used for those who suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding). They may also be effective for those suffering from recurring mouth ulcers.

Removable Retainers

Used after Orthodontic treatment to help the teeth remain in position once the brace has been removed.


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