Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How long will it take you to make a new set of dentures for me?

A – As a general rule you will need to see us 3 or 4 times for your denture to be finished. Most dentures are completed in approximately 2-3 weeks. However, we are sometimes able to complete your denture more quickly if it is needed urgently for some reason. Please telephone us for further information if that is the case.

Immediate dentures can be completed more quickly but they may not be an appropriate option for you. Please contact us for further information.

Q – Once you have fitted my dentures, do I need to see you regularly or can I wait until my dentures become loose or uncomfortable?

A – Check ups with us are free. It is important to visit us approximately once a year for a check up. We will check that your dentures are still fitting well and give them a clean and polish. We will also check your general oral health.  If you still have some of your natural teeth then you should still attend your Dentist for regular check ups to maximise the retention of your remaining natural teeth. 

Q – Will my new dentures make me look any different?

A – If you would like your new dentures to look the same as your existing set then we can achieve that for you.  However, some patients may like to change the colour or shape of their false teeth to give a more natural look. If your dentures are quite old then a new set will automatically provide more support for the facial muscles thereby “lifting” the face and often achieving a more youthful look. If you would like to discuss how your dentures could achieve this then please ask at your consultation.


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